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Seek a Japanese postdoc?

Kenkyuu-Ryuugaku NET welcomes any classified ad for a postdoctoral position opening. Kenkyuu-Ryugaku Net is the website that provides information on postdoctoral training in US for Japanese young scientists. Over 1000 Japanese young scientists visit the website daily. Classified ads on Kenkyuu-Ryuugaku NET is the most effective way to find a Japanese postdoc for your lab.

How to post an classified ad?

  1. An advertisements should be sent using the form at the bottom of this page. If judged acceptable, it will be posted generally within 2-3 days.
  2. Your ad will appear on http://www.kenkyuu.net/classified/. The majority of the ads are written in Japanese and some ads are written in English.
  3. Although most of the pages on Kenkyuu-Ryuugaku NET are written by Japanese, you can post ad written in English.
  4. Placing classified ad is free.
  5. Classified ads on postdoctoral position openings are accepted.
  6. If you wish to make any change to the ad, please contact administrator of Kenkyuu-Ryuugaku NET at classified@kenkyuu.net.
  7. If the position is filled, please notify the administrator of Kenkyuu-Ryuugaku NET at classified@kenkyuu.net.

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