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The Institute of Human Genetics, CNRS Postdoctoral Position


A position is available to study the regulation of initiation of DNA

The research projects of our laboratory are focused on DNA replication origins
from metazoans, their characteristics, and the regulation of their activation. Our
model systems include cell cultures from mouse and human cells, as well as invitro
DNA replication systems from Xenopus eggs.

Our projects aim at understanding the nature of replication origins and
characterizing new factors regulating initiation of DNA replication.

The Institute of Human Genetics (www.igh.cnrs.fr) is a modern large CNRS
Institute located in the University and Hospital area in Montpellier. The working
language is English. Fully endowed with state of the art scientific equipment,
the IGH generates an excellent scientific environment for high quality and
intensive scientific life. The city is one of the most lively and concentrated areas
for research scientists in France.

We would be glad to receive applications from motivated scientists with a
strong expertise in molecular biology and / or protein biochemistry. The position
is for at least two years.

Please submit a curriculum vitae and contact information of 2-3 referees to
Marcel Méchali, Institute of Human Genetics, CNRS, 141 rue de la Cardonille,
34396 Montpellier Cedex 5

Tel: 33 (0) 434 359 917

e-mail: mechali@igh.cnrs.fr
web: www.igh.cnrs.fr./equip/mechali/

Posted by Marcel Méchali,(mechali@igh.cnrs.fr)

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