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National University of Singapore Neurobiology Programme

Research Fellow: Molecular Endocrinology
Work at Carlos Ibanez laboratory focuses on understanding the functions and signaling mechanisms of growth factors and their receptors in nervous system function and metabolic regulation, for the development of better therapies to neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders. Carlos Ibanez is Professor at the Department of Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Information about Carlos Ibanez research can be found at www.carlosibanezlab.se/NUS.
Postdoctoral fellows are currently being recruited to advance research on growth factor receptor signaling and function in metabolic regulation of fat deposition, adipose tissue function, CNS regulation of metabolism, and obesity. In our latest paper, we reported that the sensitivity of fat cells to signals that increase the breakdown of fat is linked to the TGFbeta superfamily receptor ALK7. This discovery, published recently in eLife (http://elifesciences.org/content/3/e03245), suggests that ALK7 is a promising new target for strategies to treat human obesity.
We are seeking talented, innovative and enthusiastic researchers with a PhD awarded within the last 5 years to extend this and related research and advance novel therapeutic opportunities. We will only consider candidates with documented expertise in molecular and cellular endocrinology, metabolic research and mouse genetics, and/or hands-on experience on TGFbeta signaling. Candidates lacking expertise in any of those two areas will not be considered.
The laboratory is well-funded and is located in one of the most vibrant research environments in South East Asia, offering many exciting opportunities for career development.
Applications, including CV, list of publications and statement of future interests should be sent to Prof. Carlos Ibanez (phscfi@nus.edu.sg). Applicants should arrange to have at least two confidential letters of reference sent independently by referees to this email address.
Funding is available for an initial period of 2 to 3 years, starting any time during 2015.
Deadline is December 12, 2014.

Posted by Kazuhiro Tanaka(phskt@nus.edu.sg)

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