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University of Warwick, UK ポスドク募集

Warwick大学 浅利研究室ではポスドク研究員を募集しています。浅利研は、今年の9月に発足したばかりの新しい研究室で、枯草菌のバイオフィルム形成の動態を研究室の中心テーマとしています。



A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Munehiro Asally at the University of Warwick. The successful applicant will study the spatio-temporal dynamics of biofilm formation in vitro and in vivo by taking systems and synthetic biology approaches. The primary aim of the main project will be to visualize and quantitatively analyse the dynamic process of B. subtilis biofilm formation within a simple animal host model system such as C. elegans.
Preferred candidates are highly motivated individuals who are willing to conduct interdisciplinary research and work in an interactive research team. A strong background in experimental molecular biology, microbiology, microfluidics, fluorescent time-lapse imaging or quantitative image analysis is desirable. Research experience B. subtilis is not necessary but it will be highly regarded.
For further information, please contact by email at M.Asally@warwick.ac.uk.

Lab website:

Department: School of Life Sciences

Post Title and Post Reference Number: Research Fellow

Salary: £28,695 - £37,394

Hours: Full time

Term Contract: 3 years


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