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University of Wisconsin-Madisonポスドク募集

現在、Wisconsin-Madison大学 Wei Xu labでは、日本人ポスドクを募集しています。私は、2014年6月からWei Xu labでポスドクとして働いているものです。本研究室の主な研究内容は乳癌におけるメチルトラスフェラーゼCARM1の機能について調べています(Wang L. et al., Cancer Cell, 25: 1-16, 2014)。他にも乳癌とエストロゲンレセプターについても研究をおこなっています。このラボのボスは、Wei Xuという中国人女性です。彼女は、ソーク研究所のロン ヱヴァンスラボから独立しました。専門は、cell biology, 生化学です。ラボメンバーは現在、ポスドク4人、大学院生4人、ラボマネージャー1人からなっていて、みなとても親切です。

A Postdoctoral Position at University of Wisconsin-Madison
A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the Department of Oncology, University of Wisconsin-Madison to study functions of epigenetic enzymes in breast cancer (Wang L. et al., Cancer Cell, 25: 1-16, 2014). The candidate is expected to have expertise in transcription, cancer epigenetics and familiar with standard molecular assays, cell culture, biochemical, and flow cytometry. The project will involve taking genomic approaches (e.g. microarray, ChIP-Seq/RNA-Seq, chromatin remodeling assays, or global DNA methylation analysis) or proteomic approaches to dissect epigenetic mechanisms using cell-based models and/or animal models. Experience with computational genomic tools and breast cancer rodent model is preferred but not required. The applicant must have at least one first-author publication in major cancer related journal to be considered. Exciting research environment, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are available. To apply, submit a statement of resear!
ch interests, curriculum vitae, a brief description of career goals, and three references (name, e-mail address, and telephone number) to: Dr. Wei Xu (wxu@oncology.wisc.edu) (website: http://www.mcardle.wisc.edu/faculty/bio/xu_w.html). Review of applications begins immediately until position is filled. Madison is the capital of the state of Wisconsin. Madison has been continuously rated as one of the best places to live in the United States.
Wei Xu (wxu@oncology.wisc.edu)
青山 晋也 (saoyama@wisc.edu)


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