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ハーバード大学の Yingzi Yang 研究室ポスドク募集

ハーバード大学の Yingzi Yang 研究室では以下の要領でポスドクを募集しています。Yingzi Yang はこれまでNIHでラボを主宰してきており、骨格系の発生や幹細胞生物学において多大な業績を挙げています。今年のはじめにハーバード大学歯学部へ移り、新しく研究室を立ち上げるとともに今回の募集となりました。わたしもほぼ同時期にNIHでラボを持っており、同期生のような感じでおつきあいさせてもらっています。今後はWntやヘッジホッグシグナルの発生分化、細胞系譜の決定への関わりとそれらの異常によって引き起こされる疾患について精力的に研究を展開して行く予定だということです。ご興味のある方は直接 Yingzi Yang と連絡を取っていただく事になりますが(yingzi_yang@hsdm.harvard.edu)、アメリカの研究事情などについてご質問があればわたし宛にお訪ねいただいてもかまいません。

ミシガン大学歯学部 三品 裕司

Postdoctoral Position at Harvard

One postdoctoral position is available in the Yang Lab at the Department of Developmental Biology of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston. The Lab is interested in understanding the genetic basis of human birth defects and diseases, particularly focused on the roles of the Wnt, Hippo and Hedgehog signaling pathways in regulating mammalian development, tumor formation and stem cell biology. The Yang Lab members are highly interactive and use a variety of approaches to study the genes and pathways involved in normal development and related disease processes. Investigators in the Lab are currently engaged in studies of limb and skeletal development, liver stem cells and tumor formation. For detailed information, please go to Web: http://hsdm.harvard.edu/research/labs/yang-laboratory; http://hsdm.harvard.edu/faculty/detail/yingzi-yang
Highly motivated candidates with a recent Ph.D. , advanced training and demonstrated scientific accomplishment in molecular genetics, cell biology or developmental biology are encouraged to apply. Experience and expertise in cell and molecular biology (cell culture, protein chemistry), mouse models of skeletal development or tumorigenesis are highly desired. We are seeking collaborative individuals who are self-motivated and creative with excellent communication and data organization skills. Interested candidates please send Curriculum Vitae and statement of research interests to yingzi_yang@hsdm.harvard.edu

Yingzi Yang, PhD
Professor of Developmental Biology
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
188 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-432-8304
Email: yingzi_yang@hsdm.harvard.edu

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