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University of Cincinnati ポスドク募集

ポスドク募集 University of Cincinnati

私の元同僚で、最近オハイオ州University of Cincinnatiにて独立したDr. Samuel Godar (Samo)がポスドクを募集しているので、代わりに広告を投稿させていただきます。Samoはホワイトヘッド研究所、Weinberg Labにてポスドクをしていた際に、細胞表面分子CD44(乳がんにおける幹細胞マーカー)が転写因子p53により転写制御を受けることを見出し (Godar et al., Cell, 2008)、最近ではp53/p63経路による(がん)幹細胞性の制御、といった内容に研究を進展させています。




Postdoctoral positions are currently available to work on breast cancer, epithelial integrity and process of metastasizing to distant organs. The project focuses on novel tumor suppressor functions of p53 that operate in the absence of external stress (Godar et al., Cell [2008]. 134 62-73).

The successful candidate will get full attention and support from his supervisor and will have the opportunity to work and professionally grow in a cross-disciplinary environment at the Department of Cancer and Cell Biology, College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati (http://cancerbiology.uc.edu/index.php). Starting date: Immediate. Strong motivation to do science and experience with techniques in the areas of either molecular biology, proteomics or animal biology will be important criteria in considering the suitable candidates.

Cincinnati offers critical mass of science concentrated at the University of Cincinnati and neighboring hospitals, collaborative spirit, low costs of living and relatively high living standard. It offers excellent health care and cultural activities, e.g. Children’s Hospital and College/Conservatory of Music rank among the best nationally.

Applicants should send a letter describing his/her research interests, CV, PDF files of one or two representative publications and the names and contact information (email addresses) of 3 references to godarsl@uc.edu.

投稿者:渋江 司(shibue@wi.mit.edu)

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