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Children's National Medical Center ポスドク募集

Our group works on the molecular analysis of pediatric brain tumors. we are located at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC. The prospective postdoctoral candidate should be an expert in cell culture and have experience in animal (murine) handling and related experiments.

Candidates with a terminal degree of PhD, or DVM or MD or MD PhD may apply for this position.

Duties will include:

1. Prepares and maintains primary human cells and permanent eukaryotic cell lines. Transfects cells with nucleic acids and viral vectors
2. Generates and titrates viral stocks using standard in vitro assays
3. Constructs, grows and maintains recombinant DNA plasmids. Purifies DNA and RNA from bacterial and eukaryotic cells. Prepares and cleaves purified plasmid and viral DNAs with restriction enzymes
4. Adheres to safety and ethical standards in the care of animals
5. Performs animal surgery
6. Performs immunocytochemistry and confocal microscopy
7. Maintains laboratory area, reagents, supplies, and equipment
8. Orders supplies as needed

To apply: Please contact DR. Javad Nazarian at:

投稿者:Javad Nazarian(JNazarian@CNMCResearch.org)

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