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University of Calgary Postdoc募集

Candidates are invited to apply for a Postdoctoral Research position for two to three years at the University of Calgary, Canada. My overall research areas are in cancer and its chemodrug resistance. In particular, we focus three key topics as followings;1) novel roles of mitochondria in cancers (tumor initiation and progression/ metastasis), 2) origin of cancer stem cells and 3) how these lead cancer cells or cancer stem cells to be resistant to chemodrugs (chemodrug resistance). These questions are closely linked each other. To answer these, we use cutting-edge functional genomics (and/or proteomics) including siRNA library screening and LC/MS spectrometry, live cell imaging and transgenic mouse systems.

Salary is dependent on level of training and is competitive. Generous University benefits package. Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, including list of publications, a description of their research activity and goal.

For more detail, please visit our website, www.ucalgary.ca/~swkim.

Posted by Dr. Sung-Woo Kim (swkim@ucalgary.ca)

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