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University of Minnesota ポスドク募集

University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN, USA) にて、ポスドク研究員として一緒に研究をして下さる、意欲のある方を募集しています。私たちの研究室では、DNA組み換え、複製、にかかわるタンパク質の構造と機能を、主としてX線結晶解析を用いて研究しています。現在興味をもっている研究しているシステムは、
1) Integrase protein from HIV and closely related retroviruses
2) Tyrosine recombinase involved in hairpin-telomere maintenance
3) Eukaryotic Holliday junction resolvase enzymes


Postdoctoral position is available in Hideki Aihara’s laboratory at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN, USA). Our laboratory studies structure and function of various DNA-processing enzymes primarily using x-ray crystallography. Current research projects include retroviral integrases, tyrosine recombinase involved in hairpin-telomere maintenance, and eukaryotic Holliday-junction resolvases. We seek a highly motivated individual with research experience in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, or similar disciplines. Prior experience on x-ray crystallography or other structural biology techniques is preferred but not essential. The University of Minnesota at Twin Cities offers superb research environment with state of the art x-ray diffraction and robotic crystallization facilities. For more about our research interests, please visit http://www.cbs.umn.edu/BMBB/html/Faculty/Aihara.H.html
Please contact Hideki Aihara by e-mail (aihar001@umn.edu) for inquiries/applications.

April 13, 2011


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