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City of Hope Medical Center Postdoc募集

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available in the Department of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Leukemia Research, City of Hope National Medical Center. The laboratory is interested in cancer gene discovery and elucidation of underlying molecular mechanisms in hematologic malignancies. We use molecular and cellular immunological techniques, human and mouse genetics, RNA interference technology and high-throughput screening approaches in tumor cell lines and animal models. The position requires experience in molecular biology, biochemistry and/or cell biology. Familiarity with cellular immunology, gene regulation and chromatin IP techniques would be an advantage. Candidates should be self-motivated, able to design and execute scientific experiments independently and willing to contribute to the laboratory as a team member. Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae and contact information of at least 3 references to Vu Ngo, Ph.D. Department of Hematopoietic Stem Ce!
ll and Leukemia Research, City of Hope National Medical Center, 1500 E Duarte Rd, Duarte, CA 91010. Email: vngo@coh.org

Posted by Vu Ngo(vngo@coh.org)

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