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Washington University School of Medicine Postdoctoral Position

My laboratory has two major research interests: 1) investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying glioblastoma multiforme cancer stem cell behavior and 2) identification of novel signaling pathways controlling brain development.

 I am particularly focused on ubiquitin-proteasome system-specific mechanisms for both projects.

Washington University School of Medicine consistently ranks in the top 5 medical schools in the U.S.A. and is home to many of the United States' top scientists and physicians. The Department of Neurological Surgery in particular has a rich tradition of clinical and scientific excellence and is highly collaborative with other Departments in the medical center.

MD or PhD with expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry with a preference for new graduates or postdoctoral fellows with 2 or fewer 
years of experience.

Salary and benefits are based upon NIH 2012 guidelines

 and departmental guidelines. For full benefits including health, please see website

Documents required for application

1) CV

2) 3 letters of recommendation and contact information for these references

Due date for application

May 1, 2013

Starting date for job
Summer 2013 with at least 2 year commitment


A.H. Kim, H. Yano, H. Cho, D. Meyer, B. Monks, B. Margolis, M.J.
Birnbaum, and M.V. Chao. Akt1 regulates a JNK scaffold during
excitotoxic apoptosis. Neuron 35(4): 697-709. 2002.

A.H. Kim and A. Bonni. Thinking within the D box: Initial 
identification of Cdh1-APC substrates in the nervous system. Mol Cell 
Neurosci. 34(3): 281-7. 2007.

A.H. Kim, S.V. Puram, P.M. Bilimoria, S. Keough, M. Wong, D. Rowitch,
and A. Bonni. A centrosomal Cdc20-APC pathway controls dendrite
 morphogenesis in postmitotic neurons. Cell 136(2):322-336. 2009.

Y. Yang, A.H. Kim, T. Yamada, B. Wu, P.M. Bilimoria, Y. Ikeuchi, N. de
la Iglesia, J. Shen, and A. Bonni. A Cdc20-APC ubiquitin signaling
 pathway regulates presynaptic differentiation. Science 326:575-8.

S.V. Puram, A.H. Kim, Y. Ikeuchi, A. Riccio, S. Koirala, J.T.
Wilson-Grady, A. Merdes, S.P. Gygi, G. Corfas, and A. Bonni. A Unique
 CaMKIIβ Signaling Pathway at the Centrosome Regulates Dendrite 
Patterning in the Mammalian Brain. Nat Neurosci 14(8):973-83. 2011.

Albert H. Kim, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Developmental Biology

Washington University School of Medicine

660 S Euclid Ave, Box 8057

St. Louis, MO 63110

Tel: 314-362-8443 
Fax: 314-362-2107


Posted by Albert H. Kim, MD, PhD(kima@wudosis.wustl.edu)

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