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Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute Postdoctoral Position

Post-doctoral research in the epigenetic regulation of normal and leukemic stem cells:
A postdoctoral position is available with a flexible start date in the field of epigenetics in the Deshpande Lab at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in La Jolla, California. Sanford Burnham Prebys (SBP) is known for its world-class capabilities in stem cell research and drug discovery technologies and is an NCI designated Cancer Center. SBP is located on the scenic Torrey Pines Mesa and has collaborative ties to several adjacent world-class research institutions such as a the Salk Institute, Scripps and the University of California San Diego as well as several leading pharmaceutical companies.

The Deshpande lab is interested in cancer epigenetics with a core focus on hematological malignancies using mouse models. The lab also has a strong interest in normal hematopoietic stem cell biology. The candidate will be involved in the study of normal and cancerous stem cells using genomic, epigenomic and biochemical methods, high-throughput small molecule inhibitor screens and CRISPR-Cas9 mediated genome editing.
Highly motivated candidates with a recent Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Molecular biology, Genetics or relevant fields are encouraged to apply. Experience and expertise in cell and molecular biology (multi-parameter flow cytometry, chromatin immunoprecipitation, cell culture) and/or mouse models of hematopoiesis is highly desired. Basic knowledge of computational data analysis is a big plus but not a must. We are seeking collaborative individuals who are detail oriented, with excellent communication and data organization skills. Candidates must have a demonstrated ability to successfully spearhead a research project as evidenced by first author publications in reputable and high impact journals (published or submitted).
Interested candidates should send an email with a summary of achievements and research interests, updated CV and contact information for 3 letters of reference to Dr. Ani Deshpande (adeshpande@SBPdiscovery.org).
Lab website: www.thedeshpandelab.com

Posted by Ani Deshpande(adeshbpande@sbpdiscovery.org)

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