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Temple University Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral Position Available In The Habas Laboratory At Temple University

Postdoctoral position to study Wnt signaling during early vertebrate embryogenesis.

A postdoctoral position is currently available in the laboratory of Raymond Habas in the Biology Department at Temple University (http://astro.temple.edu/~habas/index.html). We study the role of Wnt signaling during early development using Xenopus and zebrafish models. Current projects include the functional characterization of a number of newly identified proteins that regulate either canonical Wnt signaling for organizer/shield formation and non-canonical Wnt signaling for gastrulation and neural tube closure. The laboratory utilizes biochemical, cell biological and embryological approaches in both cell culture and Xenopus/zebrafish.
Preference will be given to applicants who are highly motivated, have a good publication record and hold a recent PhD in a related area of study. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated experience in molecular biology approaches, as well as experience with Xenopus and/or zebrafish models.

Applicants should email a copy of their CV, reprints of relevant publications and the contact information of three references to Dr. Raymond Habas (habas@temple.edu).

Temple大学はワシントンDCとニューヨークのちょうど間のフィラデルフィアにあり、研究の盛んな地域です。Habas博士はDaam1遺伝子を同定した業績(Cell 107; 843–854)で有名で、これまでも日本人ポスドクが在籍して優れた研究業績を上げました。Habas博士は日本人に対して理解があり、穏やかに、しかししっかりとした指導と研究指針を与えてくださいます。


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