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ミシガン大学医学部外科学教室の Ben Levi 研究室では以下の要領でポスドクを募集しています。 Dr. Levi は異所性骨化のメカニズムと治療方法の開発に興味を持ち、ヒトからのサンプルの解析やマウスモデルを用いての治療実験などを精力的に行っています。歯学部にあるわたしの研究室とも5年以上に渡って共同研究を続けており、大きな成果をあげています。プロジェクトの詳細や実際の応募はDr. Levi あてに直接行っていただくことになりますが、Dr. Levi の人となりや、ミシガン大学の研究環境などについてご質問のある方はわたしまでお問い合わせいただいても結構です。

三品 裕司 in Michigan (yuji_mishina@nifty.com)


Postdoc job posting

The University of Michigan Department of Surgery is seeking a post-doc researcher for the Research laboratory of Dr. Benjamin Levi. The Research Fellow would be joining a basic science and translational laboratory funded by the NIH and DOD that consists of post-doctoral fellows, medical students, technicians and a research scientist supervised by Dr. Benjamin Levi. Currently we focus on extremity trauma including fracture healing, heterotopic ossification, muscle fibrosis and burn injury. We are committed to identifying novel diagnostic and treatment modalities to improve the lives of civilian trauma patients and combat casualties.
We welcome talented and committed candidates with recent Ph.D. in Immunology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, or other relevant branches of biological sciences to join our team.  The Fellow should have a strong foundation in immunology, molecular and cell biology, histologic analyses and flow cytometry. 
The duration of this position can be for 2 or 3 years.
Interested candidates should submit CV, a brief statement of research interests in a cover letter, and three references to Dr. Benjamin Levi.  blevi@umich.edu
Mission of the Burn/Wound and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory:
As burn and general reconstructive surgeons, we see and  treat the problems of extremity trauma first-hand and  believe current diagnostic and treatment strategies are  inadequate. We hope that the research we perform will allow us to improve treatment of burn and extremity trauma patients. Furthermore, we hope to be able to translate these findings to other aberrant wound healing challenges.
More information about the laboratory can be found at burnwoundlab.com

投稿者:三品 裕司(yuji_mishina@nifty.com)

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