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Université de Genève Postdoctral Position

The laboratory directed by Prof. Roberto Coppari has been supported by several internationally competitive grants (e.g. European Research Council Consolidator Grant, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation grant, Swiss National Science Foundation, etc.). Prof. Coppari laboratory is well-funded and is searching for graduate and post-doctoral fellows interested in working on diabetes and/or cancer research.

The laboratory is particularly interested in unraveling mechanisms permitting life without insulin with the goal of identifying new molecular targets for better anti-diabetes therapy. The laboratory is also interested in exploiting metabolic challenges to unravel cancer vulnerabilities, again with the goal of identifying new molecular targets for better anti-cancer therapy.

Whether you are a graduate student or a post-doctoral fellow applicant interested pursuing challenging and rewarding projects in the field of metabolism, please contact Prof. Roberto Coppari at the following email address:


In the subject of your email please write:

Please, also provide a copy of your curriculum vitae and 2 or 3 letters of reference.

Roberto Coppari
Professor and Coordinator
Diabetes Center - Faculty of Medicine - University of Geneva
Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism
Room Number: D05.1556.a
Rue Michel Servet, 1
1211 Geneva
Direct Phone: +41 (0)22 3795 539
E-Mail: roberto.coppari@unige.ch

Posted by Roberto Coppari(roberto.coppari@unige.ch)

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