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Yale Universityポスドク募集


Position available to study the neural mechanisms of spinal cord injury and pain in a multidisciplinary center utilizing behavioral, molecular, electrophysiological, and neuroanatomical techniques. Excellent opportunity for a highly motivated individual to collaborate with a very productive research group studying the molecular basis of spinal cord and nerve injury pain. M.D. and/or Ph.D., and research experience in spinal cord injury or pain required. Salary based on NIH guidelines.

Send CV, statement of interest, and names of 3 references to:

Bryan Hains, Ph.D.
Neuroscience & Regeneration Research Center
Department of Neurology
Yale University
950 Campbell Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516.

Women and members of underrepresented minority groups are encouraged to apply. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

Recent Publications

Hains BC, Saab CY, Lo AC, Black JA, Waxman SG. Sodium channel blockade with phenytoin promotes neuroprotection and enhancement of functional motor recovery after contusion SCI. Exp. Neurol. 188:365-77, 2004.

Hains BC, Saab CY, Klein JP, Craner MJ, Waxman SG. Altered sodium channel expression in second-order spinal sensory neurons contributes to pain after peripheral nerve injury. J. Neurosci. 24:4832-4839, 2004.

Hains BC, Saab CY, Waxman SG. Changes in electrophysiological properties and sodium channel Nav1.3 expression in the thalamic amplifier after spinal cord injury. Brain, 128:2359-2371, 2005.

Sasaki M, Hains BC, Lankford KL, Waxman SG, Kocsis, JD. Protection of corticospinal tract neurons following dorsal spinal cord transection and engraftment of olfactory ensheathing cells. Glia, in press, 2005.

投稿者:Bryan C. Hains, Ph.D.(bryan.hains@yale.edu)

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