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University of Idaho ポスドク募集


University of Idaho ポスドク募集


 Dr. Top研究室(Department of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho)ではポスドクを募集しています。我々の研究室では、バイオフィルム内における薬剤耐性伝達性プラスミドの動態を研究しています。得られたデータは数学者達の協力の基にモデル化され、プラスミドの変異および進化速度の推定に役立てようとしています。詳しい研究内容に関しては、研究室のHP(http://www.sci.uidaho.edu/biosci/labs/top/)をご覧下さい。応募される方は、下記の通り、E-mailにてDr. Topに直接CVをお送りください。

 アイダホ大学のあるMoscowは、シアトルの東方約500kmに位置します。周りには自然しかない小さな町ですが、非常に平和で、人々は親切です。物価も安く、気候もそう厳しくはありません。ご質問等ございましたら、直接Dr. Topにお訪ねになっても結構ですし、私宛にE-mail、電話等で問い合わせてくださっても結構です(日本語可)。

曽田 匡洋 (そた まさひろ)
Departemnt of Biological Sciences
University of Idaho
TEL: +1-208-885-8858 (Lab), -4031 (Office)
FAX: +1-208-885-7905

Postdoctoral Position at the University of Idaho:
Monitoring and Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Plasmid Transfer

A postdoctoral position is immediately available for a period of two years or more. The postdoctoral scientist will study the dynamics of antibiotic resistance plasmid spread and persistence in biofilms. The project is in collaboration with the group of mathematician Dr. Steve Krone, who develops cellular automata models that allow prediction of spatially explicit patterns of plasmid spread. The position offers the opportunity to carry out research in a dynamic and interdisciplinary research environment with excellent resources (http://www.sci.uidaho.edu/biosci/CRePE/index.html and http://styx.ibest.uidaho.edu/ibest/index.html). The project is funded by a 5-year NIH grant.
The candidate should have a Ph.D. in microbiology, molecular biology, bioengineering, or related discipline, a background in prokaryotic molecular biology or genetics, and the ability to work well in an interdisciplinary team. The candidate should have at least one year of experience working with bacterial cultures. Experience working with chemostats or flow cells, and experience with confocal laser microscopy are a plus. A fundamental understanding of the biology and ecology of plasmids and antibiotic resistance is desired.

For more information, candidates can write to Dr. Eva M. Top, University of Idaho (evatop@uidaho.edu). Please send your curriculum vitae to Eva Top (evatop@uidaho.edu), and include the names and contact information of three references.

The University of Idaho is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer

Dr. Eva Top
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Idaho
347 Life Sciences South
Moscow ID 83844-3051
Phone: 1-208-885-5015
Fax: 1-208-885-7905


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