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National Institutes of Health ポスドク募集

Postdoctoral position in Structural Immunobiology at NIH

A postdoctoral fellow position is immediately available in Dr. Xiao's lab for a highly motivated individual with a strong interest in signaling mechanisms of the innate immune responses. The projects aim to elucidate how the pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) senses pathogenic epitopes and how does this recognition initiate downstream signaling cascades. There have been renewed interests in innate immunity since the discovery of the Toll-like receptors in mammals. It is now recognized that the innate immune system serves as the gatekeeper for the defense against microbe infections. One of the paradox of the innate immune receptors is that they are specific for each types of pathogen antigens, whereas not too stringent to render them non-responsive to similar but different epitopes. How do the receptors achieve such “broad” specificity is among the most important questions structural biologists could strive to answer. In addition, as encountering of infection is sensed inside of the cells, the signaling cascade on the cytoplasm side need to initiate appropriate responses to various pathogens. One of the best approaches to decipher the signaling network is through studying protein-protein interactions, using X-ray crystallography integrated into other biophysical and biochemical techniques.

The PI was trained in X-ray crystallography and has background in structural studies of signaling complexes (Cell 99:545; Cell 112:99) and receptor glycoproteins (Nature 432:59). The lab will be primarily structure oriented, supplemented with functional studies. The lab is fully funded and equipped with state-of-the-art protein expression, purification and crystallization instruments, including a specialized crystallization device that uses the free-interface diffusion method such that nano-liters of samples are consumed per crystallization experiment. NIH has a regularly scheduled and generous beam time slot at the APS synchrotron in Chicago. The flagship Laboratory of Immunology and NIAID has the most advanced tools and equipments for in vitro and in vivo immunology research. The research infra-structure at NIH is among the best for immunology and structural biology oriented researchers. There are numerous opportunities for collaboration and acquiring new skills in more than 1200 labs at 27 Institutes and Centers. NIH also has one of the most diverse groups of international researchers.

The ideal candidate must have a Ph.D. in X-ray crystallography/biochemistry/biophysics and extensive experience in crystallization, data collection, phasing, model building and refinement, and structure analysis. Knowledge in molecular biology and protein expression/purification is desirable. The candidate must possess excellent written and oral communication skills, and will be expected to work in a diverse and highly collaborative environment. Salary will be highly competitive and commensurate with experience, along with excellent fringe benefits.

For informal inquiries, please contact Dr. Xiao through e-mail: xiaot@niaid.nih.gov

Tsan “Sam” Xiao, Ph.D.
Chief, Structural Immunobiology Section
Laboratory of Immunology
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Institutes of Health
Building 4, Room 138
4 Center Drive
Bethesda, MD 20892

Phone: 301-594-2096
FAX: 301-480-1291
E-mail: xiaot@niaid.nih.gov

Posted by Tsan "Sam" Xiao, Ph.D. (xiaot@niaid.nih.gov)

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