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Tulane University ポスドク募集

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION is available to study the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying development. We have generated mouse models to study the roles of the bHLH transcription factors Hand1 and Hand2 and found that their loss leads to abnormal development of numerous neural crest derived tissues including the peripheral nervous system, heart, and face. The Hand genes also play a key role in development of lateral mesoderm derivatives, including limbs. Of particular interest to the laboratory is development of peripheral nervous system and heart although we are using our models to examine the role of the Hand genes in other tissues. In addition to our work on the transcriptional networks regulating development, we are examining the signal transduction pathways regulating the transcriptional networks. The BMP pathway is currently our primary focus. The laboratory is currently small; 1 postdoc (Japanese), 2 graduate students, technician and 1 or 2 undergraduate studen!
ts. The department is well equipped (http://www.tulane.edu/~cellmol/index.html) and has its own transgenic/ES cell facility for generation of animal models. We are located on the main campus in, an area New Orleans that did not flood during Katrina. Experience in molecular biology is essential and working knowledge of mouse embryos is preferred. Send CV and names of three references to: Peter Cserjesi, Ph.D., Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans at pcserj@tulane.edu.

Posted by Peter Cserjesi (pcserj@tulane.edu)

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