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University of California, San Diego Posdoc募集

本求人は候補者が決定したため募集を打ち切りました。This advertisement was withdrawn because the position has been filled.

Several postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Professor Colin Jamora at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to study the cell and developmental biology of skin and hair development. Funded projects include the investigation of morphogens that guide the development of the epidermis and hair, the role of the transcription factor Snail in budding morphogenesis, and the changes in cellular behavior that transform planar sheets of multipotent epithelial cells into complex three dimensional structures.

Approaches employed in the laboratory ranges from transgenic and knockout mouse models to cell biological and biochemical analysis of skin stem cells to elucidate signaling pathways that affect organ formation and regeneration. Candidates for this position should have a PhD or equivalent and previous experience in this field is not required. Primary criteria for these positions is the ability to work independently, creative thinking, and dedication to the project resulting in the publication of results.

Interested applicants can email their CV and letters of reference to Professor Jamora. The start date for these positions is negotiable and salary is based on UCSD payscales.

Posted by Colin Jamora (cjamora@biomail.ucsd.edu)

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