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University of Minnesota ポスドク募集

ポスドク募集 in Basic Cancer Research at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Our laboratory studies the role of MCM2-7 genes in breast tumor suppression using a novel mouse model. MCM2-7 are essential genes that are required for DNA replication. We recently recovered a hypomorphic mutation of the Mcm4 gene from a genetic screen for chromosome instability in mice. The Mcm4 mutation exhibits a striking tissue-specific effect on tumorigenesis, inducing mammary adenocarcinomas in nearly all homozygous females. The current goals of our research are: 1) to understand the mechanism by which the Mcm4 mutation specifically leads to the development of mammary tumors, and 2) to determine the involvement of MCM mutations in breast cancer in humans. More information on our research can be found in the following papers.

● Shima N et al. (2007) Genetic screen for chromosome instability in mice: Mcm4 and breast cancer, Cell Cycle, in press.
● Shima N et al. (2007) A viable allele of Mcm4 causes chromosome instability and mammary adenocarcinomas in mice, Nature Genetics 39: 93-98.
● Shima N et al. (2003) Phenotype-based identification of mouse chromosome instability mutants, Genetics 163: 1031-1040

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a recent Ph.D. or MD. A successful candidate must have a strong background in molecular biology and genetics and is expected to work at bench independently. Experience with mouse genetics and/or cancer research is a plus, but not necessary. To apply, please send your curriculum vitae, a brief description of your career goal, and the names and addresses of 3 references to shima023@umn.edu.


島 直子
Naoko Shima, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
Medical School and College of Biological Sciences
University of Minnesota
6-160 Jackson Hall
321 Church St., SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA
Phone: 612-626-7830
FAX: 612-626-6140
E-mail: shima023@umn.edu (日本語可)

投稿者:島 直子(shima023@umn.edu)

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