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フロリダ州立大学医学部 ポスドク募集

私の同僚のDr. Choogon Leeの研究室(フロリダ州立大学医学部)では現在2名のポスドクを募集しています。興味を持たれた方はDr. Leeまでメールで応募して下さい。もし、生活環境や研究環境などについて質問のある方は私にメール(yoichi.kato@med.fsu.edu)で問い合わせて頂いても結構です(日本語可)。

Two NIH-funded postdoctoral positions are available immediately to investigate the molecular mechanism underlying the mammalian circadian rhythms. We use various genetic models and in vivo techniques such as real time luminescence reporter technique using cultured brain and peripheral tissues.

Previous training in molecular biology and cell culture is required, but knowledge in circadian biology is not required. Applicants must have a Ph.D. or equivalent and must have a demonstrated ability to write and publish in English language journals.

Florida State University offers an excellent environment for postdoctoral training in biological sciences and a pleasant living environment.

Interested candidates should send CV and names of three references to:


Recent publications

Chang, S, Yoo, S, Guardavaccaro, D, von Gall, C, Takahashi, JS, Pagano, M and Lee, C. In vivo analysis of β-Trcp1 and 2 reveals novel functions in the mammalian circadian clock. Submitted

Sandra M. Siepka1, Seung-Hee Yoo2, Junghea Park, Weimin Song, Vivek
Kumar, Yinin Hu, Choogon Lee, Joseph S. Takahashi. Circadian mutant Overtime reveals F-box protein FBXL3 regulation of Cryptochrome and Period gene expression.
In press

Luca Busino, Florian Bassermann, Alessio Maiolica, Choogon Lee, Giulio F. Draetta and Michele Pagano The ubiquitin ligase SCFFbxl3 controls the oscillation of the circadian clock by directing the degradation of cryptochrome proteins. In press

Kondratov RV, Kondratova AA, Lee C, Gorbacheva VY, Chernov MV, Antoch MP. (2006) Post-Translational Regulation of Circadian Transcriptional CLOCK(NPAS2)/BMAL1 Complex by CRYPTOCHROMES. Cell Cycle. Apr 17;5(8).

Yoo, S.H., Ko, C., Lowrey, P., Buhr, E., Song, E.J., Chang, S., Yoo, O.J., Yamazaki, S., Lee, C. and Takahashi, J.S. (2005) A novel E-box Enhancer Drives Mouse Period2 Circadian Oscillations in vivo. PNAS 102: 2608-2613

Lee, C., Weaver, D.R., and Reppert, S.M. (2004) Direct association between mouse PERIOD and CKI is critical for a functioning circadian clock. Mol Cell Biol.24: 584-594

von Gall, C., Noton, E., Lee, C. and Weaver, D.R. (2003) Light does not degrade the constitutively expressed BMAL1 protein in the mouse SCN. Eur J Neurosci 18: 125-33

Etchegaray, J-P., Lee, C., Wade, P.A. and Reppert, S.M. (2003) Rhythmic Histone Acetylation underlies Transcription in the Mammalian Circadian Clock. Nature 421: 177-182.

Lee, C., Etchegaray, J-P, Cagampang F.R.A., Loudon, A.S.I. and Reppert, S.M. (2001) Posttranslational mechanisms regulate the mammalian circadian clock. Cell 107: 855-867.


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