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University of Kansas Medical Center Postdoc募集

Multiple Postdoctoral Positions Available

Multiple NIH grant-funded postdoctoral fellowship positions are available in the laboratory of Professor Bao Ting Zhu at the School of Medicine, University of Kansas. Successful candidates will join a dynamic, energetic, and well-funded large laboratory (research group) with a broad interest in elucidating the biochemical and molecular mechanisms of receptor-mediated hormone actions and in deciphering the pathogenic mechanisms underlying a number of important human diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, and hormone-dependent breast cancer.

Candidates with diverse prior research training and background (such as in biology, medicine, synthetic/analytical chemistry, or others) are welcome to apply, and preference will be given to hard-working, self-motivated individuals who are interested in pursuing an independent academic career in the U.S. or back in Japan in the future. For those interested, please send your application to: BTZhu@kumc.edu.

Posted by Bao Ting Zhu, PH.D. (BTZhu@KUMC.edu)

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