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Ohio State University Postdoc募集

Postdoctoral position in apoptotic signaling and regeneration after CNS injury: Projects include molecular and biochemical analyses of regeneration and apoptosis in knockout and transgenic mice after spinal cord injury and cortical axotomy. An experience in rodent surgery and a strong background in neuroanatomy are necessary. Will be trained in general molecular, biochemical, and cell biological techniques through the project. If interested, please send CV to yoon.84@osu.edu. The relevant publications are

1. Harrington, A.W., Leiner, B., J., Blechschmitt, C., Yan, Q., Welcher, A.A., Meyer, M., Arevalo, J.C., Hempstead, B.L., Yoon, S.O.*, and Giehl, K*. 2004. Secreted proNGF as the in vivo pathophysiological ligand for p75 after CNS axotomy. PNAS 101: 6226-6230 *co-corresponding author

2. Beffert, U., Nematollah-Farsian, F., Masiulis, I., Hammer, R., Yoon, S.O., Giehl, K.M., and Herz, J. 2006. ApoE receptor 2 controls neuronal survival in the adult brain. Curr. Biol. 16: 2446-2452.

3. Li, Q.M., Tep, C., Yune, T.Y., Zhou, X.Z., Uchida, T., Lu, K.P., and Yoon, S.O. 2007. Regulation of oligodendrocyte apoptosis by JNK3 and Pin1 after spinal cord injury. J. Neurosci. 27: 8395-8404.
Website: http://cmn.osu.edu/1500.cfm.

Posted by Sung Ok Yoon (yoon.84@osu.edu)

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