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McGill Univeristy, Canada Postdoctoral Fellow/Graduate Student募集

Postdoctoral Fellow/Graduate Student Position at McGill Univeristy, Canada

A postdoctoral fellow position is available immediately at the Department of Psychiatry in McGill University to study neurodevelopment of the dopamine system in the prefrontal cortex in relation to the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders such as ADHD and schizophrenia, using rodent models. The projects involve multidisciplinary approaches including biochemical, in vivo electrophysiological, and behavioral experiments. The preferred candidate will possess a working knowledge of molecular biology (especially RNA interference), electrophysiology, and/or computer programming skill with Matlab or C. Communication skills in English (or French) are also an asset, as the candidate is expected to have extensive collaboration with the newly established epigenetic center of the department directed by Michael Meaney and Moshe Szyf. Salary will be based on regulation of McGill University Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and commensurate with previous experience. An initial appointment will be for 2 years, and can be extended depending on the condition.

Students who are interested in carrying out graduate studies in my laboratory are also invited to apply for graduate programs of the university. Those prospective students could apply for the graduate programs either in Department of Psychiatry or Neuroscience Studies at Montreal Neurological Institute. Details of the programs including application procedures can be found at http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/Psychiatry/graduate.htm and http://www.mcgill.ca/gpns/.

McGill University is one of the oldest universities in Canada, located in the heart of Montreal, the second largest city in the country with a pleasant mixture of French and English cultures. The city is also known to host a number of world-famous events such as Jazz Festivals, F1 Grand-Prix, and Film Festival.

For further inquiry or application (please send CV with names and contact addresses of two or more references and a brief description of backgrounds), please contact by e-mail at yukiori.goto@mcgill.ca, either in Japanese or English.

Yukiori Goto, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

投稿者:Yukiori Goto(yukiori.goto@mcgill.ca)

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