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University of Nebraska Medical Center Postdoc募集

Position is available immediately on NIH-funded project at the level of Postdoctoral fellow. Successful candidate will use gene-targeting technology, microarray and Chip assay analysis to address important questions in regulation of cell survival facing various environmental stresses. Projects include analysis of gene regulation and identification of factors that regulate cell survival. Candidate must have Ph.D. or equivalent degree and have a background in molecular and cellular biology. Additional experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred: protein chemistry/ protein-protein interaction(s), cell culture and gene transcription. Interested candidates should send curriculum vitae and name of three references to Dhirendra P. Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Rm# 4051, 4056 and 4058, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, 985840 Nebraska Medical Centre, Omaha, NE 68198-5840. Tele: 402-559-8805, Fax: 402-559-8808,!
EMAIL; dpsingh@unmc.edu
Affirmative Action / Equal Employment Opportunity

Kubo E, Singh DP, Akagi Y. Gene expression profiling of early Diabetic and galactosemic cataractous rat lens by microarray analysis. Diabetologia, 2005;48:790-798
Fatma N, Kubo E, Sharma P, Beier DR, Singh DP. Impaired homeostasis and phenotypic abnormalities in Prdx6-/- mice lens epithelial cells by reactive oxygen species: increased expression and activation of TGFbeta. Cell Death and Differentiation. 2005; 12: 734-750
Takamura Y, Fatma N, Kubo E, Singh DP. Regulation of heavy subunit chain of &gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase by tumor necrosis factor-alpha; in lens epithelial cells: role of LEDGF/75. Am J Physiol.-Cell Physiol. 2006; 290: C554-566
Singh D.P, Kubo E, Takamura Y, Shinohara T, Chylack LT,Jr., Fatma N. DNA-binding domains of LEDGF; Contribution of two helix-turn-helix (HTH)-like domains and a stretch of 58 amino acids of N-terminal to the transactivation potential of LEDGF. J. Mol. Biol. 2006;355:379- 394

Posted by Dhirendra P. Singh (dpsingh@unmc.edu)

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