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University of Wisconsin-Madison ポスドク募集

A postdoctoral position is available immediately at the Department of Medical Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Our laboratory works on a number of mouse mutants as models to study neurodegeneration, synaptic abnormalities in neurological diseases, aging of the synaptic structure, abnormal cell proliferation and neovascularization. We are trying to identify genes responsible for these phenotypes and their interacting factors, which will allow us to understand genetic disorders as well as normal biological mechanisms at the molecular level.
Potential projects are described below:
(1) Identification of modifier gene(s) that rescues retinal abnormalities
We identified a major modifier locus, which rescues retinoschisis (splitting of the retinal layer) in Rs1 mutant mice. We are currently testing the candidate genes. Upon identification of the modifier gene, functional analysis of the gene will be performed.
(2) Identification of gene(s) involved in vesicle trafficking and neurodegeneration
We recently positionally cloned a novel gene that is responsible for Purkinje cell degeneration. The gene is involved in the vesicle trafficking pathway. Characterization of the gene product for vesicle trafficking, identification of physically and genetically interacting factors will be the potential project.
(3) Positional cloning of the gene associated with aging of the retinal synapse
We have ENU-induced mutant mice in which some aspects of age-associated retinal abnormalities are mimicked and accelerated. We have mapped the responsible gene and are currently in the process of positionally cloning the gene.
(4) Role of actin regulatory molecules in the control of cell proliferation.
We work on mutant mice showing abnormal cell proliferation and neovascularization in the cornea. We identified a key transcription factor that may mediate the status of actin filaments and change the gene expression profile in these mutant mice. We are analyzing the role of this transcription factor in the development of mutant phenotypes using a combination of the Tet-on and Cre-lox systems and in vitro molecular biological approaches.

Our laboratory is still young and relatively small (total 6 researchers and students combined are currently working in the lab). However, we have been quite productive and a number of exciting projects are growing in the lab. We are sure that we can offer a great research environment. The lab is well funded by NIH and other agencies, and is located in Madison, Wisconsin, which is a very nice place to live.

The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. degree in any of the biological areas. Prior experience in our area of study or mouse genetics is not necessary. However, passion for learning hard-core mouse genetics and motivation to be successful are required.

-Terms of employment-
The position is for a period of 2 years initially.

Please send a CV (including a research interest, a publication list and the names of 3 potential referees) by mail or e-mail to:

Akihiro Ikeda, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Sakae Ikeda, D.V.M.

Department of Medical Genetics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
425-G Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Office Tel: +1-(608)262-5477
Lab Tel: +1-(608)262-5991
Fax: +1-(608)262-2976
email: ai777@charter.net (English or Japanese)


投稿者:Akihiro Ikeda

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