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Baylor College of Medicineポスドク募集

Postdoc position to study prostate cancer at Baylor College of Medicine, USA

 私の上司の友人であるDr. Nicholas Mitsiadesの研究室にて,ポスドク研究員の方を
 Texas Medical center (http://www.texasmedicalcenter.org/root/en)は全米有数
の研究施設で研究者だけでも約1万人が在籍し,その中枢を担うベイラー医科大学(http://www.bcm.edu) では,多岐に渡る研究テーマが最新の研究設備と豊富な予算に

 Dr. MitsiadesはBortezomibの臨床応用に関して非常に優れた業績を上げられた,将来
 興味を持たれました方は,Dr. Nicholas Mitsiades (mitsiade@bcm.edu)宛に,直接メール
Due to a recently awarded grant, a 3-year post-doctoral position is available immediately at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine.
The successful candidate will work on a cutting edge project searching for new treatments for prostate cancer by targeting the androgen receptor coactivators (Science 2008
;322(5906):1395-9; Mol Cell 2008;31(6):835-49; Mol Cell 2008;29(4):465-76).
Under the leadership of Dr Bert W. O'Malley, the Tom Thompson Distinguished Service Professor, and recipient of the 2007 National Medal of Science and the 2011 Ernst Schering Prize, the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine is a pioneer in the field of gene regulation, steroid receptors and transcriptional coactivators (Science 322:1395-1399 (2008); Mol. Cell 37(3), 321-332 (2010); Cell 29:1-16 (2007); Mol. Cell 26:831-842 (2007); Mol. Cell 25, 765-778 (2007); Cell 124: 381-392 (2006); Mol. Cell 15:1-20 (2004); Science 279:1922-1925 (1998); Science 270:1354-1357 (1995)), providing a rich scientific environment with many unique and unparalleled research training opportunities.

Minimum qualifications: Highly motivated individuals with PhD in molecular biology and
at least 2-3 years of prior post-doctoral experience, with a documented competence and experience in the biology of cancer, preferably prostate cancer and/or nuclear receptors (androgen receptor, estrogen receptor) and a demonstrated record of research productivity.
Technical expertise in standard basic molecular and cellular techniques, including cell culture, transfections/transductions, siRNA, molecular cloning, plasmid isolation, and animal studies is a necessity. Candidates must be enthusiastic, self-motivated, dedicated to science and problem solving, with organizational skills and effective at working independently and leading projects, while also collaborating and assisting the team in its collective research goals. Attention to detail and ability to work on multiple projects is expected.

NOTE: Preference will be given to candidates with an outstanding publication record in high-impact journals.
Interested candidates should email their CV and 3 names of references to Dr. Nicholas Mitsiades at mitsiade@bcm.edu.


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