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Institute of Hepatology London Postdoc募集

The Institute of Hepatology in London is seeking an enthusiastic, flexible and committed post-doctoral scientist to investigate the roles of Matricellular Proteins (splice variants and altered translation products) in liver inflammation, fibrosis and cancer. The post-holder will be based at the Institute of Hepatology and will be required to work closely with other colleagues at the Institute of Hepatology and collaborators (Overseas and UK-based), to proactively design/run experiments, publish data in high impact peer reviewed journals and participate in educational programs within the Institute.

Applicants must have a MD or MD/PhD in immunology/molecular/cell biology or a closely related discipline and a proven scientific interest in inflammation, fibrogenesis, immunity and/or cell signaling. He/she will require an array of molecular and cellular biology techniques (including RTPCR and Real-time RTPCR, ELISA, immunoprecipitations (including ChiP), protein expression and purification, western blotting, cloning / transfections, lentivirus infections). He / she will be expected to isolate primary liver cells (hepatocytes, hepatic stellate cells, Kupffer cells) from humans and mice for downstream experiments. He / she should have basic working knowledge of Immunohistochemistry and FACS analysis. They must also have demonstrable laboratory based experience in cell / molecular biology and aseptic tissue culture techniques.

Salary would be commensurate with experience (depending on Visa Status). Individuals who are funded by their local governments will also be considered. Candidates should submit a detailed curriculum vitae together with a description of research experience to:

Dr Wing-Kin Syn
Consultant Clinician-Scientist
Head of Regeneration and Repair (Fibrosis) Group
Institute of Hepatology
Harold Samuel House
69-75 Chenies Mews

Honorary Professor
Department of Physiology
University of the Basque Country

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Liver Research
University of Birmingham

Posted by Wing-Kin Syn(wsyn@doctors.org.uk)

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