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Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research, University of Southern California Postdoc募集

Postdoctoral Fellowship on Stem Cell Biology

A postdoctoral fellow position is available immediately in the Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at the University of Southern California. Our laboratory studies cell signaling and epigenetic control of stem cells. We focus on:
1. Molecular mechanisms of self-renew and differentiation of neural stem cells (Cell, 119, 97-108; Developmental Cell, 15(5): 773-80, Development, 138(3):409-19).
2. Molecular mechanisms of somatic cell reprogramming to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells (Stem Cells, 27(12): 2969-78).

The salary will be $40000 to $45000 depending on research experience. The laboratory is on a newly built building funded by CIRM and Broad foundation. Los Angeles is a metropolitan city with a diverse of culture.

Applicants should have had training in cell biology and molecular biology. Previous experience with neural development is a plus but not required. Applicants with strong motivation and publication record are especially encouraged to apply. Interested candidates please send a CV to wangelu@usc.edu.

Contact: Wange Lu, Ph.D.
USC Keck School of Medicine
Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
1425 San Pablo Street, BCC413, MC 2821
Los Angeles, CA 90033
e-mail: wangelu@usc.edu

Posted by Kouichi Hasegawa(khasegawa@icems.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

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