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University of Minnesota, Twin Citiesポスドク募集


DNA Replication & Repair/Basic Cancer Research
at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Replication origins exist in a large excess over the number that will actually fire during S phase. While it is thought that these excess origins usually remain dormant, our recent work shows that these excess origins (often called dormant or backup origins) play a major role in the recovery of stalled forks, contributing to tumor suppression. Currently, we are investigating the functional interactions between dormant origins and DNA repair pathways in stalled fork recovery and tumor suppression using mouse models. For more information, please see our papers listed below.

1. Kawabata et al., (2011) Stalled fork rescue via dormant replication origins in unchallenged S phase promotes proper chromosome segregation and tumor suppression. Mol Cell 41:543-553.
• Previewed by Klotz-Noack, K and Blow, JJ (Mol Cell 41:495-496, 2011).
• See an invited auto-commentary in Japanese at First-Authors’ http://first.lifesciencedb.jp/archives/2446
• Cited by the Faculty of 1000
2. Shima N et al. (2007) A viable allele of Mcm4 causes chromosome instability and mammary adenocarcinomas in mice, Nature Genetics 39: 93-98.
• Previewed by Dutta, A (Nature Genetics 39:10-11, 2007).
• Cited by the Faculty of 1000

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a recent Ph.D. or MD. A successful candidate must have a strong background in molecular biology and genetics and is expected to work at the bench independently. Experience with mouse genetics is a plus, but not necessary. To apply, please send your curriculum vitae, a brief description of your career goal, and the names and addresses of 3 references to shima023@umn.edu.


Naoko Shima, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA
Phone: 612-626-7830
FAX: 612-626-6140
E-mail: shima023@umn.edu (日本語可)


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