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Thomas Jefferson University Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral Position in Drosophila Neurobiology

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Kyunghee Koh at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia to study the molecular and cellular basis of sleep regulation in Drosophila. We are interested in identifying novel genes and neural circuits required for sleep and circadian rhythms. Sleep is an essential, evolutionarily conserved process, and Drosophila sleep is an exciting new research area with many opportunities. Highly motivated individuals with a recent Ph.D. in neurobiology, genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, and/or molecular biology and a strong publication record are encouraged to apply. To apply, please send CV, a letter describing research experience and career goals, and contact information for three references to FlySleepLab@gmail.com

Selected publications:

Jepson JEC, Shahiddullah M, Lamaze A, Peterson D, Pan H, Koh K. (2012). dyschronic, a Drosophila homolog of a deaf-blindness gene, regulates circadian output and Slowpoke channels. PLoS Genetics. 8(4):e1002671.
Wu MN, Joiner WJ, Dean T, Yue Z, Smith CJ, Chen D, Hoshi T, Sehgal A, Koh K. (2010). SLEEPLESS, a Ly-6/neurotoxin family member, regulates levels, localization, and activity of Shaker. Nature Neuroscience, 13, 69-75.
Koh K, Joiner WJ, Wu MN, Yue Z, Smith CJ, Sehgal A. (2008). Identification of SLEEPLESS, a novel sleep promoting factor. Science, 321, 372-376.
Koh K, Zheng X, Sehgal A. (2006). JETLAG resets the Drosophila circadian clock by
promoting light-induced degradation of TIMELESS. Science. 312, 1809-1812.
Koh K, Evans JM, Hendricks JC, Sehgal A. (2006). A Drosophila model for ageassociated
changes in sleep:wake cycles. Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences, USA. 103, 13843-13847.

Posted by Kyunghee Koh(FlySleepLab@gmail.com)

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