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Thomas Jefferson University ポスドク募集

Postdoctoral Researcher Positions on Small RNA Biology at Thomas Jefferson University

Postdoctoral researcher positions are available in the lab of Dr. Yohei Kirino at Computational Medicine Center (CMC)/Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Thomas Jefferson University (TJU). We study the biogenesis pathway and function of small non-coding RNAs in the pathogenesis of various human diseases such as breast/prostate cancers and asthma (e.g., hormone-dependent tRNA-derived RNAs: PNAS 2015) by utilizing originally-developed RNA sequencing/quantification methods (e.g., YAMAT-seq: NAR in press; cP-RNA-seq: Nat Protoc 2016; Dumbbell-PCR: NAR 2015; FL-PCR: RNA Biol 2015). For more information about the Kirino lab, please see the websites at http://www.jefferson.edu/university/research/researcher/researcher-faculty/kirino-laboratory.html and https://cm.jefferson.edu/staff-members/yohei-kirino/.

Highly-motivated individuals with strong background in RNA biology and/or molecular/cell biology are awaited. Applicants should have a Ph. D. degree, a productive track record, and a high writing and communication skills. The successful applicant will have a unique opportunity to work in close collaboration within CMC (https://cm.jefferson.edu/) and with other research groups in TJU and UPENN.

Applicants should send 1) a cover letter with a description of past research experience, 2) CV, 3) a statement of research interests and career goals, and 4) contact information of 3 references to Dr. Yohei Kirino at Yohei.Kirino@jefferson.edu.
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TJUのKirino Labではポスドク研究員を複数名募集しています。当研究室では独自に開発したRNAシークエンス法を駆使した新規小分子RNAの同定、および癌や自己免疫疾患におけるその生合成機構と機能に関する研究を行っています。当研究室はCMCおよびDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyに属しており、CMCやTJU内、また近傍に位置するUPENNの研究者との共同研究も活発です。特にCMCのDirectorであるDr. RigoutsosはIBMのThomas J. Watson Research Centerから独立したComputer Biologistであり、Kirino Labと多数のプロジェクトを共有の上進行しています。小分子RNAの網羅的解析、RNA配列の新規解析方法の樹立、生化学的手法によるRNAの機能解析を行う上で、非常に恵まれた環境です。



応募書類および方法:1) 現在までの研究概要、2) CV、3) 志望動機およびキャリアゴール、4) 推薦者3名の連絡先、これらをE-mail (Yohei.Kirino@jefferson.edu)でお送りください。書類選考後に面接を行い、適任者が決まり次第締め切ります。


Yohei Kirino, Ph.D.
Computational Medicine Center
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Thomas Jefferson University
Email: Yohei.Kirino@jefferson.edu
Tel: +1-215-503-8648  


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