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Postdoctoral Associate
Laboratory of Integrative Physiology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
Cornell University

The Laboratory of Integrative Physiology at Cornell University (Selvaraj Lab in the Department of Animal
Science: http://blogs.cornell.edu/selvaraj/) is looking for a postdoctoral associate interested in the broad area of
lipid physiology with a focus on cholesterol/fatty acid metabolism and steroids. The spectrum of work may
involve molecules: lipids, proteins that regulate lipids, and genetic elements that may regulate these proteins,
cells: signaling responses, lipid transport systems, and specific involvement of different organelles, and animal
models: functional studies using gene-modified mice. Individuals who have the ability to think, develop new
ideas and creatively design methods for driving a project forward are desired.

Previous work in the lab has focused on mechanisms of mitochondrial cholesterol transport involved in steroid
hormone biosynthesis [Morohaku et al. 2014, Endocrinology. 155(1):89-97]. Particularly, we have resolved a
serious misconception in this field that persisted for decades [Reviewed in: Selvaraj and Stocco, 2015, Trends
in Endocrinology and Metabolism. 26(7):341-8]. This has opened up new directions for our future work. We
focus our research efforts on fundamental physiology and attempt to explain cellular to organismal
mechanisms. In order to do this, we have employed a variety of techniques that include: genetic modifications
like CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene disruption, viral gene delivery, omics approaches, etc. Our lab is wellequipped,
and the collaborative environment at Cornell allows us to address our research questions with the
most precise techniques and develop new rigorous methods towards arriving at a concrete conclusion.

Depending on potential of the individual, and progress of work, the postdoctoral associate will have sufficient
independence to explore interests and develop new projects. He/she will have access to all career
development opportunities at Cornell, and career planning will be encouraged.

We anticipate that the selected candidate will have a Ph.D. in life sciences with strong background in cell and
molecular biology; experience with animal models is desired but not essential. The ability to learn quickly and
keep up with the rapid pace of biomedical research advances and methods would be essential. Other qualities
include: good communication skills and capable of engaging in team work; ability to analyze data and
document project results as a manuscript for publication in peer-reviewed journals. There will also be
opportunities for mentoring/training a talented group of undergrads that populate the lab.

This is a full-time research position and will be located in Ithaca, New York. Initial appointment will be for one
year with possible extension depending on performance and funding. Start date for this position can be flexible
but in Fall 2017, and the search will remain open until a qualified candidate is identified.

Application: Qualified applicants should submit a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and contact information
of at least three individuals who can submit letters of reference.

Applications must be submitted by June 15,
2017 for full consideration. For questions regarding the position, please contact Dr. Vimal Selvaraj
at vs88@cornell.edu or via phone at 607.255.6138.


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