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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centerポスドク募集

Pediatric Neurosurgery, Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position)

A postdoctoral research fellow position is available in Dr. Mangano/Goto’s lab in the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati OH.


We are interested in molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of pediatric hydrocephalus. The project investigates the cellular mechanisms underlying the CSF flow and circulation in the rodent models of hydrocephalus within a multidisciplinary team of Neurosurgery/Radiology/Developmental Biology. Candidates with a recent PhD or MD degree in the fields of neuroscience, molecular biology, or developmental biology with first-author publications and a keen interest in perinatal brain development are encouraged to apply. Highly motivated and organized applicants from another field of research are also invited. The preference will be given to candidates have experience in animal surgery. Please apply with CV and three reference letters.
Contact information; June Goto, June.Goto@cchmc.org

投稿者:June Goto(June.Goto@cchmc.org)

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