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University of California Irvineの消化器病センターフェロー募集

今まで多くの日本人内視鏡医が卒業した実績を持つUniversity of California Irvineの消化器病センター(CDDC)が、2019年7月-2020年1月(もしくは7月)にかけて日本人フェローを募集しています。USLME Step1, 2が必須になります。希望のかたはMBAも取れるプログラムになっています。興味あるかたはご連絡ください。

University of California Irvine Interventional Endoscopy Training Program

Fellowship Overview:
The fellowship is largely based in diagnostic and Interventional EUS but covers all other aspects of Interventional Endoscopy including:
Advanced resection with EMR (and ESD Training)
Barrett’s Ablation (RFA, C2 cryotherapy, Hybrid APC, TruFreeze cryotherapy)
Bariatric Endoscopy
Endoluminal Stenting
Endoscopic Suturing
POEM training
Transoral incisionless fundoplication
Advanced imaging with endomicroscopy
Double Balloon enteroscopy
New Device Development in the R and D Animal Lab

MBA Opportunity:
In addition, for one of our current EUS fellows we have arranged for him to complete a Masters of Business Administration from UC Irvine. Therefore, following his 2 year stay with us would have received both Advanced Endoscopy training as well as an MBA Degree. We are open to offering this opportunity to any of our 2 year fellowship candidates.

USMLE Step 1 and 2
Competency in ERCP
Strong letters of support

The position is a UC Irvine funded position through an unrestricted educational grant

Please feel free to pass this along to your colleagues and if you have someone in mind that might be a candidate, please let us know. We are happy to interview candidates at this DDW if that works for the candidate.

連絡先 nishimum@mskcc.org


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