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Roswell Park Cancer Institute Postdoctral Position

Great Opportunity for Long Term CAREER in USA for Japanese Postdocs.
A new postdoctoral position for a highly motivated individual is open at the Center for Immunotherapy, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York State at the laboratory of Dr. Koya.

Our lab focuses on Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancer. The research will focus on development of novel immunotherapies for cancer based on genetically engineered T lymphocytes, stem cells and/or cellular components of the tumor microenvironment ranging from wet lab work, mouse models, up to clinical trials. Strong support for career development and advancement after postdoctoral will be further provided with good performance.

Requirements are a Ph.D. or M.D. with background in Immunology or Molecular Biology (Either one would be OK). Knowledge in immune assays, FACS, cell culture, PCR, mice handling, cell transfections or molecular biology are points considered for evaluation. Hands-on knowledge in Bioinformatics and microarray analysis software will be considered a plus but not necessary.

Interested candidates please send a CV or personal summary to : Dr. Richard Koya (richard.koya@roswellpark.org). Our center has already Japanese postdocs and the principal investigator speaks Japanese, so a smooth transition is expected.

Richard C. Koya, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Oncology and Immunology
Director of the Vector Development & Production Facility
Associate Director of Roswell Park Cancer Institute Center for Immunotherapy

Elm and Carlton Streets, CCC-419
Buffalo, NY, 14263
Phone: (716) 845-1300, ext. 6582


Posted by Richard Koya(richard.koya@roswellpark.org)

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