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Weill Cornell Medical college and Hospital for Special Surgery Postdoctral Position

A postdoc position in Dr. Baohong Zhao’s lab at Weill Cornell Medical School and the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan New York.

We study osteoimmunology, an interdisciplinary field linking bone biology and immune system, with a focus on the inflammatory regulation of gene expression and signaling in osteoclastogenesis, adipogenesis and skeletal damage involved in diseases, such as osteoporosis and inflammatory arthritis. Candidates from bone biology, adipocyte cell biology, immunology, metabolism and/or related areas are welcome to apply. A successful candidate is expected to have strong cellular and molecular techniques, such as cloning, co-IP, ChIP and signaling analysis. Histology and handling genetic animal models are preferred. As the projects will include genome-wide studies, experience or strong interest in RNAseq and/or ChIPseq is welcome. Candidates should have peer-reviewed first author articles and strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. PhD candidates expected graduations are highly encouraged to apply.
Relevant publications for this position:
• Interferon regulatory factor-8 regulates bone metabolism by suppressing osteoclastogenesis. Nature Medicine, 15 (9):1066-71, 2009
• TNF-induced osteoclastogenesis and inflammatory bone resorption are inhibited by transcription factor RBP-J. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 209(2):319-34, 2012
• RBP-J imposes a requirement for ITAM-mediated costimulation of osteoclastogenesis. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 124 (11):5057-73, 2014
• RBP-J-Regulated miR-182 Promotes TNF-alpha-Induced Osteoclastogenesis. Journal of Immunology, 196(12):4977-86, 2016 featured article
• Def6 Restrains Osteoclastogenesis and Inflammatory Bone Resorption. Journal of Immunology, 198(9):3436-3447, 2017
• Bone protection by inhibition of microRNA-182. Nature Communications, 2018 in press.

Medical, dental and life insurances are provided. The compensation for this position follows NIH standard plus additional housing supplement.

当研究室では、骨代謝と免疫システムを繋ぐ学際的な分野である骨免疫学について研究しています。炎症時の破骨細胞・骨芽細胞・脂肪細胞分化における遺伝子発現制御・シグナリング制御メカニズムまた関節炎における骨破壊などに着目して研究を行っています。骨代謝・細胞生物学・免疫学・代謝学および関連領域からの応募を歓迎いたします。クローニング・免疫沈降法・クロマチン免疫沈降法などの分子生物学的手法また組織学的手法や遺伝子改変マウスの取り扱いに習熟している方を期待しています。また、当研究室のプロジェクトにはRNAseqなどのゲノムワイドな解析が含まれるため、RNAseq やChIPseqなどの経験のある方または興味のある方を期待しています。論文審査のある学術専門誌の筆頭著者論文を有しており、論理的な思考、問題解決能力を持ち合わせていることが必須です。


応募資格:Ph.D or MD/PhD、またはPhD取得見込みの方(PhD取得予定者の応募も歓迎いたします。)

• 履歴書(curriculum vitae)
• 過去の研究略歴と将来の研究の展望
• 筆頭著者論文の別刷(PDF)
• 推薦者3名の氏名・メールアドレス
• こちらに来て仕事を開始できる(予定)日
をPIのBaohong Zhao(baohongzhao1@gmail.com)もしくは私(inouek@HSS.EDU)までご連絡ください。

Baohong Zhao, DMD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Assistant Scientist
Genomic Center and Arthritis and Tissue Degeneration Program
Director, Laboratory of Pathological Bone Metabolism and Osteoimmunology
Hospital for Special Surgery, 535 E70th Street, New York, NY10021 USA
Phone: (212) 774-2772
Email: baohongzhao1@gmail.com


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