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University of Wisconsin-Madisonポスドク募集

The Ikeda laboratory (https://genetics.wisc.edu/staff/ikeda-akihiro/) at University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to understand how the aging process is regulated at the molecular level and how it is associated with disease mechanisms using mouse models. We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher who will be involved in an NIH-funded project that investigates the role of mitochondrial dynamics in the aging process and age-related diseases at the molecular level. Responsibilities for the position include carrying out the molecular biological experiments, phenotyping of mice, performing proteomic analysis and interpretation of data, as well as preparation of manuscripts. Background and experience in molecular biology and proteomics (Co-IP/mass-spectrometry) preferred. Ability to work as a team member is essential. The successful candidate will be also encouraged to explore new research areas and seek independent funding for future career development.

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter describing prior research experience, research interests and future career goals, CV, and the contact of three references to aikeda@wisc.edu.

Location: Department of Medical Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA

Requirements: Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecular biology, or related field required.

Begin Date: as soon as possible
Duration: 2 years (minimum, renewable)
Percent Time: 100%
Salary: NIH standard

Akihiro Ikeda, Ph.D, D.V.M.
Department of Medical Genetics
McPherson Eye Research Institute
Timothy William Trout Professor in Eye Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison
425-G Henry Mall Rm 5322
Madison, WI 53706-1580

投稿者:Akihiro Ikeda (池田明弘)(aikeda@wisc.edu)

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