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Medical University of South Carolinaポスドク募集

Postdoctoral positions in developmental neurobiology and pathophysiology

Charleston, South Carolina
Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience

Postdoctoral scholar positions in neuroscience research are available in an established laboratory that is newly relocated to Medical University of South Carolina. The lab uses mouse genetics and physiological assessment to study several signaling pathways in peripheral nervous system development, coupled with molecular and biochemical approaches to explore underlying mechanisms. Specific ongoing projects address neural progenitor cell migration and fate specification (Tan 2019, submitted; Poltavski, in preparation), axon guidance and refinement (Poltavski 2019 eLife, PMID: 30735130; Manousiouthakis 2014 Nature Commun, PMID: 24875861), and synapse formation and elimination (Tan, in preparation), all of which are relevant to human congenital neurological disorders. Charleston is a vibrant, progressive and inclusive city with a moderate cost of living, tourist attractions, and abundant housing options.

Candidate should contact Dr. Takako Makita directly by email (makita@musc.edu) to discuss these opportunities.

投稿者:Takako Makita(makita@musc.edu)

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