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Johns Hopkins Universityポスドク募集

Postdoctoral Position in Angiogenesis/Vascular biology Research

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Masanobu Komatsu, Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine/All Children’s Hospital to investigate the regulatory mechanism of blood vessel formation and stabilization. The previous findings from this laboratory revealed the importance of a Ras homolog, R-Ras, for morphogenesis, maturation, and normalization of regenerating vasculature (Li et al. Nature Communications 2017; Sawada et al. Cancer Cell 2012; Komatsu and Ruoslahti, Nature Medicine 2005). This study will exploit molecular pathways in endothelial cells and pericytes in order to normalize angiogenic vessels for therapeutic advantage 1) to block metastasis and improve anti-tumor immunity in cancer, or 2) to generate functional capillary vessels in ischemic diseases. Prospective candidates will be conducting the study at our Florida campus in St. Petersburg. Interested applicants should submit a single PDF file containing CV, a brief description of rese!
arch interests and accomplishments to Dr. Komatsu: mkomats1@jhmi.edu

投稿者:Masanobu Komatsu(mkomats1@jhmi.edu)

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