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QIMRB Medical Research Institute (Brisbane, オーストラリア)ポスドク募集

博士研究員の公募(腫瘍免疫学): Mark Smythラボ QIMRB Medical Research Institute (Brisbane, オーストラリア)

オーストラリアブリスベンのMark Smyth labにおいて、腫瘍学、免疫学のバックグランドを有するポスドク研究者を募集しております。様々な遺伝子改変マウスを用いた基礎的な腫瘍免疫研究、製薬会社との共同研究、臨床試験のサンプル解析など、多方面な研究を行っており、候補者のバックグラウンドや希望を考慮して、どのプロジェクトをメインで行うか決められるかと思います。


公募の詳細は下記の通りです。応募される方は、PIのMark Smyth (Mark.Smyth@qimrberghofer.edu.au) まで、CV、推薦者の連絡先(2名以上)をお送りください。


Kyohei Nakmaura M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Research Officer, QIMRBMedicial Research Insititue.

About the Immunology in Cancer & Infection Laboratory:
The Immunology in Cancer and Infection Laboratory aims to understand the fundamental workings of the host immune system in response to cancer and metastasis, and then modulate the immune system through therapeutic interventions. We are a large international laboratory of tumour immunologists and cancer biologists (>20 staff and students).

Role Purpose / Responsibilities:
Applications are invited for a Research Officer (more than 3 years’ experience) to join the Immunology in Cancer and Infection Laboratory headed by Professor Mark Smyth. The position is to work on the development of novel cancer immunotherapies. You are expected to have a strong track record in animal research, cell biology, and immunology. This position will work in a team comprising a post-doctoral fellow and a research assistant, with possible PhD student recruitment. The work will be dedicated to testing novel human and mouse antibodies to new immune targets in cancer.

The following duties will apply
- Culturing a variety of mouse and human cancer cell lines
- Inducing primary and transplantable tumors in mice
- Administering immunotherapeutic agents
- Monitoring immune cell changes in the blood over time
- Immunophenotyping of tumors and lymphoid organs (flow cytometry and histology)
- Immunohistochemistry
- Some molecular biology techniques (experience with CRISPR preferred)

About you: To be successful in this role you are expected to have technical knowledge and experience in:
- Cell culture
- Animal handling and experimentation
- Flow cytometry
- Histology

Salary: Salary range is $80,493 -$86,363 per annum and commensurate with experience.

Duration of Appointment: This is a full time appointment for 3 years.
What we offer:
-Salary Packaging
-Bonus Superannuation
-Supportive/collaborative team environment
-State of the art facilities
Contact: Professor Mark Smyth, Mark.Smyth@qimrberghofer.edu.au
Closing Date: December 2019
Commencement Date: When available, but before mid 2020.

投稿者:Kyohei Nakamura(Kyohei.Nakamura@qimrberghofer.edu.au)

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