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New York University School of Medicineポスドク募集

私はNew York University Skirball InstituteのHolger Knautのラボで博士課程をしています、山口と申します。Knautラボでは現在ポスドクを一名募集しております。以下の広告を読んで興味を持ってくださった方はHolgerに直接メールするか私までご連絡いただければと思います。よろしくお願いいたします。

"Opening of a Postdoctoral Position in the Knaut lab at the Skirball Institute of the New York University"

The group of Holger Knaut at NYU School of Medicine seeks highly motivated, detail orientated, and passionate Ph.D. or M.D. graduates with experience in cell biology, fluorescence microscopy or biophysics to explore projects related to the regulation of cellular behaviors during morphogenesis in the context of live animals using quantitative imaging, genetics and computational modeling.

The goal of our group is to decipher the physical, molecular and cellular principles underlying dynamic cell behaviors during morphogenesis.

We hope that uncovering these principles will provide an understanding of how normal cell dynamics contributes to development and homeostasis and why perturbations cause defects and disease.

Current models our lab uses to understand dynamic cell behavior are the assembly of neurons into clusters (Lewellis S et al. Journal of Cell Biology. 2013), the tissue movement of sensory organs (Venkiteswaran G et al. Cell. 2013, Wang J et al. Developmental Cell. 2018, Colak-Champollion et al. 2019) and the formation of the coronary artery network in zebrafish (Nagelberg D et al. Current Biology. 2015).

To interrogate these processes we use classical genetics, genome engineering, advanced fluorescence microscopy and computational modeling, often in collaboration with other laboratories.

Our group is located in the Skirball Institute of the NYU School of Medicine in midtown Manhattan (New York City). The Skirball Institute is a premier institution for biomedical research. The institute focuses boldly on basic research. It also provides excellent core facilities and a supportive environment for interactions between its labs and the clinical disciplines at NYU Langone Medical Center. With a strong awareness that most medical breakthroughs originate in basic research, the medical center has allocated considerable resources in developing a state-of-the-art, modern, interdisciplinary research unit right in the center of the medical school environment.

Candidates should have a recent MD, PhD or MD/PhD degree and a strong background in cell biology, fluorescent microscopy or biophysics. Although not essential, candidates with experience in the use of animal models are encouraged to apply. Please send a cover letter explaining relevant work experience and interests, a CV, and the contact information of three references to Holger Knaut at holger.knautアットマークmed.nyu.edu.

Skirball InstituteはNYCマンハッタンに位置し、非常に良い研究レベルを維持している研究所です。Knautラボではゼブラフィッシュを使い、遺伝学とイメージングを組み合わせた研究を得意としています。私たちはCRISPRやBACを使ってゼブラフィッシュを作ることから始め、その後に様々なイメージング手技を駆使します(以前の論文を参照してください)。物理モデリングなどもコラボレーターとともに頻繁に取り入れています。グループは小さく、積極的なコミュニケーションが求められますが、雰囲気はとても良いです。


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