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Recruitment of a Policy Researcher Position in Capacity Development and Education Project at IGES

Job duties
1)Collect, analyse and monitor research data regarding capacity development, environmental education, education for sustainable development policies within scheduled timelines;
2)Synthesise different types of data analysis and present results in an easily digestible way, such as reports, policy briefs or journal articles;
3)Plan, organise and coordinate diverse domestic/international workshops/seminars/meetings/conferences and produce final reports;
4)Develop research coordination between the CDE project and other related local/national/international projects and initiatives;
5)Conduct outreach activities at international conferences, side events and workshops at various opportunities;
6)Support colleagues and ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion.

Qualifications and Competencies
Understanding and Experience:
- Interdisciplinary understanding of environmental issues including environmental education and the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and/or experience in implementation of relevant projects.
- Strong understanding of environmental education, education for sustainability/sustainable development conditions in Asia, and indigenous context of these issues in different countries.
- Candidates with the ability to implement synthesis-related research and examine its policy implications, and those with good analytical skills of data are preferred.

* Please refer to URL below for further qualifications and competencies for this jop.

Posted by Sae Yamaguchi (s-yamaguchi@iges.or.jp)

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