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Howard Hughes Medical Institute / University of Washington, Seattle Postdoc募集

Dynamics of cell-cell interactions during plant epidermal development
Keiko Torii Lab; Howard Hughes Medical Institute and University of
Washington, Seattle

Several postdoctoral positions (or a research scientist positions) are available immediately to investigate dynamics of cell-cell interactions during plant epidermal development. We have identified that signal transduction cascades mediated by peptide ligands and receptor kinases controlling proper spacing and patterning of stomata, microscopic valves on the plant epidermis, and further discovered a series of master regulatory transcription factors that make stomata.
A successful candidate will use sophisticated live imaging techniques, such as FRAP, FRET, FLIM, and developing new optical/imaging tools for caging/uncaging signaling components, to investigate and manipulate the dynamics of peptide ligand-receptor mediated signaling and cell-cell interactions leading to functional tissue patterning.

For literature see: Guseman et al. (2010) Development 137, 1731-; Hara et al. (2009) Plant Cell Physiol 50, 1019- ; Pillitteri et al. (2007) Nature 445, 501-;Hara et al. (2007) Genes Dev 15, 1720-; Shpak et al. (2005) Science 309, 290-

A candidate must be proficient in live imaging techniques at tissue-, cellular- or subcellular levels. Solid background in basic molecular biology is required. Candidates with strong quantitative skills and engineering backgrounds are most highly desired. Previous experience in Arabidopsis/plants is not required but can be a plus. A candidate must be strong in communication- and analytical skills, focused and motivated to succeed, and able to work as a team as well as independently. We are also looking for specialists in ChIP-seq/ ChIP-chip assays, and protein phosphorylation/ ubiquitination biochemistry (mass spec, phosphopeptide mapping, etc), So if you have such expertise, you are also welcome!

Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience (based on University of Washington, NIH or HHMI scale). The position will be initially available for one year, with the renewal (up to 4-5 years) based on the performance and funding availability. The successful candidate will be encouraged to apply for independent fellowships to gain independent programs for his/her future career path. Due to the guideline of the funding agency, priority will be given to candidates within two years of postdoctoral experience. Send a cover letter (1-2 pages) outlining your research interest and career goal, current curriculum vitae, and a name and e-mail address of three-four referees to:

Dr. Keiko Torii
Distinguished Professor of Biology

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Department of Biology, University of Washington
Box 351800 Seattle, WA 98195-1800

Posted by Keiko Torii(ktorii@u.washington.edu)

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