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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Postdoc募集

Postdoctoral Position Open in an NIH funded project in Dasgupta Lab: Understanding metabolic identity of normal mouse and human neural stem cells and brain cancer stem cells. The project is specifically geared towards examining the role of nutrient and energy sensors (e.g., AMP kinase and mTOR) in normal brain development and in the genesis of high grade brain cancer (glioblastoma). I am looking for a dedicated, energetic and ambitious person with some experience and aptitude in neuroscience mouse genetics. First hand experience in making knockout and knockin mouse models will be highly advantageous, but not necessary. Knowledge of basic molecular biology and biochemistry is necessary. Some knowledge in cell culture, flow cytometry, microscopy, and biochemical assays and cell signaling is desirable. Persons with their own fellowships may also apply. Interested persons are requested to contact me through email.

Posted by Biplab Dasgupta(biplab.dasgupta@cchmc.org)

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