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A Postdoctoral Position Available at Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute in the USA

2018年3月発足予定のMatsuoka Labでは研究推進の主力となる熱意ある研究員を募集しています。臓器形成および再生時(とりわけ神経組織)の脈管形成機序の基本原理の解明を目指し、主にゼブラフィッシュをモデル動物として精力的に研究を進めていける意欲的な研究員の応募をお待ちしております。

A postdoctoral position is available in Ryota Matsuoka's Laboratory at the Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic. This newly established group starting in March, 2018, aims to define the cellular and molecular basis of vascular and lymphatic assembly in the central nervous system (CNS) using zebrafish and mouse as model organisms. Dr. Matsuoka's past work addressed how the vascularization of tissues surrounding the spinal cord is established in zebrafish (Matsuoka et al. eLife, 2016: PNAS, 2017) and how retinal neural circuits are organized in mouse (Matsuoka et al. Nature, 2011: Neuron, 2011). The future lab projects are directed towards understanding dynamic coordination of neuronal and vessel growth at the cellular and molecular level, which leads to the formation of the mature, functional CNS in vertebrates. The lab uses a combination of advanced 3D imaging, forward and reverse genetics to uncover this coordinated process during development and regeneration, with the goal to reconstitute vascularized functional neuronal tissues following CNS disease/injury.
The successful applicant is expected to apply for external fellowships, present data at scientific conferences, and prepare manuscripts for publication. Candidates with a publication record in developmental biology, genetics, neuroscience, or cell biology are preferred. Previous experiences working with animal models are also preferred.

Review of applicants will start immediately and continue until the position is filled. The stipend levels follow the current NIH scale, and start date is flexible. The contract will be renewed annually and extended for a period of 4 years and possibly longer, dependent upon satisfactory progress and the lab's funding situation. Interested individuals should submit a single PDF file containing the following materials to matsuoka.lab.recruit@gmail.com:
1) CV, including a list of publications and contact information for 2‐3 references
2) Cover letter describing previous research, research interests, and career goals

For more information, please contact at matsuoka.lab.recruit@gmail.com.
Ryota Matsuoka, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195, USA

投稿者:Ryota Matsuoka

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