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Cornell University Weill Cornell Medical College Postdoctral Position

Gut microbiome and neonatal immunology

I will start my laboratory at Weill Cornell in January 2019 and currently have openings for 2 postdoctoral positions. I am an immunologist and have completed my postdoctoral training in Dr. Gabriel Nunez's laboratory at the University of Michigan, where I studied the crosstalk between gut immune cells and the gut microbiota. In my laboratory I will embark on a research program that focuses on the crosstalk between immune cells and gut microbiota at the interface between a mother and a newborn, interrogating questions such as how early life gut microbiota influences the development of food allergies and other gut-associated inflammatory disorders in young children.

I am looking for candidates with a PhD/MD and extensive research experience in microbiology and/or immunology, preferentially with some background in bioinformatics. Candidates with background in other areas such as neuroscience, cell biology and virology will be considered as well. Interested individuals are encouraged to email me their resumes with references. Thank you.

Posted by Melody Zeng(myz4001@med.cornell.edu)

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