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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School Postdoctral Position

A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the Wei lab at Dept. of Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School. The lab’s major focus is on understanding how aberrant cell signaling pathways including ubiquination and phosphorylation events drive tumorigenesis. More specifically, the lab explores mechanistically how aberrancies in Ubiquitin E3 ligase APC (Gao et at Nature Cell Biology 11: 397, 2009; Wan et al, Molecular Cell 44: 721, 2011; Wan et al, Developmental Cell 29:377, 2014; Wan et al, Cancer Discovery 7:424, 2017) and SCF or other Cullin-based E3 ligases (Inuzuka et al, Cancer Cell 18:147, 2010; Inuzuka et al, Nature 471:104, 2011; Gao et al, Molecular Cell 44: 290, 2011; Inuzuka et al, Cell 150: 179, 2012; Gan et al, Molecular Cell 59: 917, 2015; Shimizu et al, Science Signaling 2017; Dai et al, Nature Medicine 2017) activities contribute to cell cycle regulation and subsequent tumor formation, as well as how PTEN/Akt/mT!
OR signaling pathway governs tumorigenesis (Liu et al, Nature 508: 541, 2014; Liu et al, Cancer Discovery 5:1194, 2015; Guo et al, Science 353:929, 2016; Wang et al, Nature 545:365). We recently also defined cell cycle dependent regulation of PD-L1 that provides the rationale for combination therapy of CDK4/6 inhibitor with PD-1 blockade (Zhang et al, Nature 553:91-95, 2018). Future projects in the lab engage the use of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetic approaches, cell culture techniques and potentially mouse modeling. Therefore, energetic applicants with strong experimental background in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology and/or genetics are encouraged to apply.

Dr. Wei is looking for self-motivated individuals to become involved in the challenging and rewarding environment of the laboratory. If interested, please send your CV/resume and three references to

Wenyi Wei, Ph.D.
Dept. of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
CLS-637, 3 Blackfan Circle
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 735-2495
Email: wwei2@bidmc.harvard.edu

Posted by Wenyi Wei(wwei2@bidmc.harvard.edu)

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